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Only in Las Vegas! Fly a Real Boeing 737, 6 Axis, Full Motion Flight Simulator!

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About Airline Captain For A Day

Now is your chance to take the Captain’s seat! Push those throttles up and listen as the jet engines roar to life. As you charge down the runway, you’ll feel every bump as you’re pinned back into your seat. Your instructor will call out “V1” and there’s no turning back – you’re committed to getting airborne. Then comes “VR” – pull back on that yoke and watch the ground fall away. You’re flying now! Enjoy the ride!


👋 Welcome to Airline Captain For A Day! Our program took off in February 2009 with the goal of providing a fresh perspective on commercial aviation. We strive to make learning about piloting a commercial airliner both fun and informative for people of all ages.

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to take the controls of a real jet airliner? Well, now’s your chance! While flying home computer simulators like Microsoft Flight Simulator X can be enjoyable, nothing compares to the look and feel of a genuine Full Motion Flight Simulator. Our simulators are the real deal – the very same ones used by professional pilots during their training. So why wait? Come experience the thrill of being an airline captain for a day! ✈️

Our Staff

Image of Capt. Rod MacLennan

Capt. Rod MacLennan

Meet Capt. Rod MacLennan – Rod soloed for the first time in 1960 and has since accumulated an impressive 20,000 hours of flight experience!

Rod began his career as a flight instructor in 1965 at Capitol Skypark, a Piper dealership and flight school located in Sacramento, California. For twenty-two years, he served as a flight engineer on L-1049 Constellations for Eastern Airlines. He eventually became Manager of Flying, Simulator Instructor, and Captain on DC-9s and B-727s before retiring from Eastern.

After leaving Eastern, Rod continued to work for various air carriers as a Manager, Instructor, and Pilot, ultimately retiring as the captain of B-747s for Polar Air Cargo in 2004.

Even in retirement, Rod’s passion for aviation never waned. He has logged nearly 1700 hours in the simulator as an instructor. In February 2009, Rod founded Airline Captain For A Day, where he continues to share his love for flying with others. 🛫


On Dec. 31, 2019, our beloved Aki flew west.
“She will be missed by all that know her.”

Meet Aki – With over 2,500 hours of flight time, Aki serves as our CMO (Chief Morale Officer). As head of morale, Aki’s job is to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Something she does quite well!


Full Motion Flight Simulator - Airline Captain For A Day

If You've Ever Wondered What It's like To Fly A Real Jet Airliner...Now's Your Chance to fly in the same full motion flight simulators that real airline captains train in! Fly the MD-80, the Boeing 737-200 or the Boeing 737-800


What People Are Saying About Their Experience.

Image of John D.

Excellent instruction!

— John D., San Mateo, CA
Image of Ron V.

Awesome! The experience was great & Rod was a terrific Instructor. Really enjoyed the experience.

— Ron V., Sparwood, BC Canada
Image of Rick B.

My wife and I are writing to thank you for the once in a lifetime experience that Airline Captain for a Day shared with us this week! It’s been a dream of mine to fly a large jet and this opportunity got me as close to that dream as a person can be without making it their full time job.

When we got back from our trip to Las Vegas, I thought the highlight would have been the show, our fancy dinner or our win in the casino, but I keep thinking about our time flying the Boeing 757 and wishing for more!

Your instruction prior to the flight was spot on and your assistance during the ride left me free to fly and enjoy the sights, sounds and sensations. I will highly recommend Airline Captain for a Day to all of my friends and I hope anyone who enjoys flying, in real-life or in a video game, does not miss their chance to fly with you guys!

See you the next time I’m in Vegas!

— Rick B., Phoenix, AZ
Image of Susan J.

This was the most exciting thing I’ve ever done! It was more difficult than I thought. I ended up blowing all the tires, but that was awsome too!

— Susan J., Mesquite, NV
Image of Abner C.

Outstanding, Simply Excellent!

— Abner C., Tiffin, OH
Image of Judy R.

Very exciting. My instructor was very knowledgable, helpful and nice!

— Judy R.

We had an amazing time – not only in the simulator but hearing your stories and flying experience.  Vince talked about it the whole flight back and told my wife about your adventures all evening.  He is now even more energized about his career in aviation and you helped reinforce that yesterday!  My thanks.

We would really enjoy getting to fly with you again and continue to learn more to be better pilots, from all of your experience.

— Carl E.

Fly a 6 Axis, Full Motion Flight Simulator!

Our simulators are incredibly realistic, making you feel like a true pilot soaring through the skies. With every detail meticulously crafted, you'll be fully immersed in the experience and forget that you're not actually flying a real airplane. Come take flight with us and see for yourself! Check out our simulators here: