Our Sim are the real thing – 6 axis full motion

Our simulators are the real thing. They are the same FAA approved simulators that real airline pilots train in. According to FAA rules they must have the exact look and feel of a real airplane.

Your Flight

Your Group will get an orientation and tour of the training facility. Each of you will get a half hour flight in the Captains seat in a B-757-200, MD-80 or the B-737-800 depending on availability at the time you make your reservation.

Your Simulator instructor will run all the systems for you and run all check lists so you can have fun and fly. Your Group will be in the Simulator at the same time to enjoy the experience together.

To order your simulator adventure now, just click the “Buy Now” button of your choice or click on the appropriate image at the bottom of this page.

Simulator Prices

Boeing 737-300 cockpit

Boeing 737-300

  • Full color graphic.
  • All glass gauges.
  • Multiple airport choices
  • Very Realistic

per hour

Boeing 737-800 cockpit

Boeing 737-800

  • $17 million premier simulator.
  • State of the art full color, 3D graphics.
  • All glass (tv screen) gauges.
  • Ability to take off at one airport and jump to another with the push of a button.
  • So Realistic, You’ll swear you’re actually flying.

per hour

Boeing 757-200 cockpit

Boeing 757-200

  • Full color graphic.
  • All glass gauges.
  • Spacious cockpit Layout
  • Multiple airport choices
  • Very Realistic

per hour

MD-80 cockpit

McDonnell Douglas MD-80

  • Full color graphics.
  • Auto pilot.
  • Flight director.
  • All the bells and whistles you’d find on a modern jetlinner.
  • A great little sim to fly.

per hour