All these parts came off of one of the first of 14 DC-3s to go to England and the only one to come back out of the 14. It had an anti-aircraft round put through the wing, but did not explode. Had a British paratrooper killed on board by friendly fire, in the Africa to Italy invasion. It was taken back to England for the Normandy invasion. It flew a number on flights into Europe before returning to the US. After WWII.  The DC-3 is now in the Yakutat, Alaska Air Museum. It flew for Cordova Airlines for a short time.

After WWII, it Hauled Salmon most of its career for Cascade Airlines. It retired 2009 and was ferried to Yakutat Air Museum after Cascade Airlines closed down. This is the story I was told about the airplane. I flew it for Cascade Airlines for one year and then we retired it for a lower time DC-3. Kept it as a spare, but never need it again.

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